The most durable, versatile, and energy-efficient luminance source for signage and soft ambient lighting

  • Solid state, steel chassis, only 1/16” thick
  • No ballast or electronics required (120V 60Hz)
  • Only 0.002 W/in2 of consumption
  • Resistant to shocks and high temperatures
  • 50,000+ hours of continuous operation
  • Zero-heat emission (cold light)
  • Fluorescent, non-dazzling light
  • Any size and shape up to 24”x16”
  • Various colors and brightness levels


Light Emitting Ceramic Device ("LECD") is the latest breakthrough in solid state lighting technology. Made of electro-ceramescent materials, the device offers exclusive characteristics not seen in any other electric luminance source.

An LECD device (or "lamp" or "panel") is simply a continuous lighted surface panel, as opposed to a light source. Panels can be cut in multiple sizes and forms when manufactured. Contrary to other electro-luminescence sources, LECD is the only one made of ceramic and steel. Therefore, it is one of the most durable and strong solid-state lights in the market.


LECD native light emission is highly perceptible by the human eye and is non-dazzling. Therefore, its light can be beamed directly to the audience and serves its purpose without use of excessive power. Other signage light sources use back-reflection to lit up signs, wasting energy.

When fully light-adapted, the human eye features a wavelength response from around 400 to 700 nanometers, with a peak sensitivity at 555 nanometers (in the green region of the visible light spectrum). This is where the native color of the LECD light falls at 120 VAC 60 Hz.

LECD panel


LECD is thinner than cardboard, strong as steel, and emits a green, non-dazzling light highly perceptible by the human eye. Yet, it consumes almost nothing. It is a convenient light source for signage, courtesy lighting, instrumentation backlighting, and architectural illumination.

Its thin and robust composition makes it mechanically versatile. LECD produces a soft, non-obtrusive glow and consumes extremely low levels of energy, costing only pennies a year to operate. It is very durable, virtually maintenance free, and does not generate heat, keeping it cool to the touch.


  • Solid-state, thin and resistant construction
  • Durable and maintenance free (~50,000 hours of continuous operation)
  • Extremely low power consumption (less than 1 Watt per day)
  • Cold light (zero heat emission)
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Various fluorescent colors (from green to turquoise)
  • Non-dazzling light
  • Fog and smoke stealth
  • Dark-sky compatible


This technology came as a result of several years of research and collaboration with the US Department of Energy, Marshall University, The NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Osram-Sylvania, and private investors. It is also protected by numerous patents.

LECD technology has been used by the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and State Parks since 2006. These credentials confirm LECD's durability and acceptance in the most demanding and critical operational environments.